Hall of Fame

Edmond has produced many team and individual champions throughout the years. It truly is a golfing community! Our organization founded the Edmond Junior Golf Hall of Fame as part of it's original charter.

Since 1995, The Bill Nicklas Memorial Junior Golf Foundation has hosted 12 Induction Ceremonies (with typically 100 – 200 attendees at each) and inducted more that 70 individuals or great teams from the past. Several of these individuals have gone on to play college golf and professional golf.

"The Bill Nicklas Award is given to honor individuals who have demonstrated a love for junior golf and who have, through their unselfish acts of kindness and long term dedication, promoted junior golf in Edmond ".

Please check out all the Players/Inductees pictures, plaques and Hall of Fame programs for each of the Induction Ceremonies. There is a lot of Edmond golf history on these pages!

How do people get inducted into the Hall of Fame?

  • The Foundation will set up a committee and target every 2 or 3 years to select at least 1 boy and 1 girl for induction and target approximately 5 inductees for each ceremony.
  • Committees will consist of 4-6 members ( not from the Foundation ) and one non-voting advisory member from the Foundation.

Criteria for selecting Inductees:

  1. The Foundation will have on file High School past records of Edmond junior golfers ( as complete as possible ). We really depend on High School Coaches to turn in scores each year for all of their tournaments.
  2. High School, Junior High, and summer junior tournaments will be used to evaluate nominees. The Foundation will use US Kids, SCPGA, OJGT, AJGA, PGA Junior series, State and National tournaments, Future Collegians World Tour, International Junior Golf Tour and other applicable tournament scores during the selection process. Also, the amount of positive notoriety that a junior golfer has brought to Edmond will be considered.
  3. All nominees must have graduated from High School at least four years before induction.
  4. Relatives of Selection Committee members will not be considered for induction.
  5. Inductees must have been an Edmond resident for at least two years in High School.
  6. Nominees may be nominated any number of times. Any person may submit a player’s name for consideration. Player stats and applicable information should be submitted as complete as possible. Mail information to Bill Nicklas Memorial Junior Golf Foundation P.O. Box 3425 Edmond, OK 73083-3425.

Download Hall of Fame application form here: BNM HOF Application


Invitation information:Hall of Fame Invitation 2018

Past Inductees:


  • Heather Bowie
  • Chris Edgmon
  • Danny Edwards
  • David Edwards
  • Kim McFarlin
  • Robin Orendorff
  • Tami Proctor
  • Dustin York


  • Robert Boisvert
  • Kay Force
  • William Moore
  • Clayton Niemeyer
  • Katie O'Niell
  • David Seaton
  • Teddy Smith
  • Jay Tewell


  • Abe Cornish
  • Jay DeGeare
  • Chris James
  • Mitzi Taylor
  • Jeff Whit


  • Macrae Brunker
  • Derek Freeman
  • Travis Hancuff
  • Erin Holloman
  • Tiffany Gribble Smith


  • Adam Cox
  • Tosh Hays
  • Craig McClain
  • Jeff Oakes
  • Jennifer Ward


  • Kirk Fryer
  • Jennifer James
  • Wendy Martin
  • Bob Wabaunsee
  • Kyle Willmann


  • Greg Jones
  • Ashley Kelley
  • Matt Larson
  • Stephanie Ruiz
  • Claire Sturdivan


  • Alana Donaldson
  • Tracy Hancuff
  • Jacque Litsch
  • Zac Reynolds
  • Michael Unger


  • Sydney Cox
  • David Cromwell
  • Kendall Dye
  • Steve Steele
  • Robert Streb


  • Will Kropp
  • Emily Kirk Mays
  • Geoff Shaw
  • Audra Smith Smalley
  • Brent Thaxton
  • Kevin Tway


  • Kylie Bollenbach Boaz
  • Drew Dorsey
  • Andrew Green
  • Ben Klaus
  • Chandler Rusk
  • Aubree Vaughan


  • Ian Davis
  • Nick Heinen
  • Max McGreevy
  • Alexis Sadeghy
  • Allison Sell
  • Hayden Wood

Bill Nicklas Award Honorees

  • 1996, Art Proctor
  • 1999, Bill Payne
  • 2003, Mike McGraw
  • 2006, Rick Leath
  • 2010, Chris Childers
  • 2018, Hal Mills

Past Ceremonies